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about Flashing Centre

Flashing Centre's Pedigree

Precision manufacturing of premium quality flashing and bespoke fabrication products!

From our production and administration facility in Pretoria, we have made it our primary aim to produce and supply the highest quality flashings and bespoke fabrications to suit a vast array of refurbishment and new build construction projects in South Africa.

Our technical and design team can utilise a full range of materials, gauges, coatings and manufacturing options to ensure that the project budget is met without any compromise on quality or the original design intent.

We work alongside building designers at the early stages of projects, to understand the overall project vision, making sure that the work we undertake will interface seamlessly with the completed construction.

A World Of Design Possibilities

Whether we are working on a simple flashing or a complicated bespoke fabrication, we have an uncompromising approach to quality and precision and unflinching attention to detail. This has assisted Flashing Centre’s reputation to forge an excellent reputation within the metal flashing & fabrications market sector.



With over 50 years of flashing & fabrications experience, we are one of the most well-established and highly regarded flashing and bespoke fabrications manufacturer in South Africa.


Our 'Why'!

Sustainable construction products that last and can be easily recycled have always been at the heart of our business right from its inception. It all starts with design, material availability, high-quality manufacturing, minimising deliveries, quick installations & using materials that can be recycled at the end of the operational life of the building.

It’s called “Cradle to Grave,” to give our children a better world and our grandchildren the knowledge of how to mitigate the impact of human’s on our home, near & far.

It seems impossible that flashings or bespoke fabrications that seal a building around the perimeter or penetration can be considered as having a dramatic impact on the environment, but without flashings, the building would leak cool or hot air from within and would allow water to enter.

That is just the start …… ensuring the efficient use of the material in providing a watertight solution and a flashing solution that is structurally sound, so it doesn’t need to be replaced, reduces the impact on raw materials and the carbon emissions from manufacturing & delivering to site.

Accurate and high-quality manufacturing means that products only need to be produced once, with no return deliveries to replace incorrect flashing & bespoke fabrications.


Our clients

Our commitment to our clients is backed with a fast-turnaround service, from quotation through to delivery. 

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Flashing Centre is South Africa's most successful tried & tested Flashing & Bespoke Fabricator!

Our commitment to our clients is backed with a fast-turnaround service, from quotation through to delivery. Unrivalled knowledge & unparalleled precision!